Industry Days

3 & 4 NOVEMBER 2023

The WFFR Industry Days ’23 will take place on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 November. Here you can meet/catch-up with other film professionals and participate in workshops, pitching sessions and network events.

Under the name Industry Days, WFFR organizes a program consisting of various activities, from lectures to networking drinks and from round table discussions to workshops. In 2022, 50 film professionals from home and abroad participated.

We welcome all filmmakers and professionals to our Industry Days ’23. On this day you will have the opportunity to connect with other industry professionals and lectures and workshops will take place.

On Saturday evening, November 4, the Flamingo Awards will be presented. This evening will be festive for everyone.

On September 1st, 2023 we will announce the (provisional) program. From then on it is possible to register yourself.