Group Visits

Enjoy a fully catered movie afternoon or evening with a group of people during WFFR ’24.

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WFFR offers the possibility to watch a screening of a film of your choice with a group of 25 people or more, followed by a organised drink. Our hostess will personally guide you from start to finish.

WFFR welcomes groups both during the day and in the evening from Tuesday 4 until Sunday Nov 2024. Pre-registration is required!

In consultation with WFFR, you choose a film from this edition’s festival program. This can be a film that shows the beauty of nature but you can also choose a film that pays more attention to urgent issues about the environment or climate change. It is possible to personally address your relations in the screening room before the film starts, using the cinema screen for support.

Your event will take place during WFFR ’23 in Cinerama, Rotterdam’s oldest and most beautiful film theater. This movie theater is located at Westblaak 18, within walking distance of various catering establishments, Beurs train station and Apcoa parking garage.

In the brochure you will find a full description including the price per person. If interested please contact us at