Workshop AI

This workshop will be given on Saturday, November 4 at 11:15 AM during the Industry Days.

The Use of AI : the challenge for the film industry and Wildlife filmmaking

As early as 1927, a German filmmaker warned us about AI, even before the first computer was invented! Since the advent of that computer, a lot has changed, including within the film industry. Technical developments are (almost) always embraced by filmmakers after some skepticism. AI also has its advantages: it revolutionizes visual effects and post-production, speeds up production and opens up new creative possibilities. But there are ethical challenges regarding authorship and diversity. Is AI now a curse or a blessing for the (wildlife) film landscape?


Rudi de Boer

Rudi de Boer gives introductions, film lectures, film classes and film courses all over the Netherlands. He is also a speaker at various film festivals such as the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Dutch Film Festival and the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam. Steven Spielberg once said, “I dream for a living.” Rudi de Boer did not become a filmmaker himself, but his dream of being able to turn his hobby into his profession did come true. Rudi loves blockbusters, old film classics as well as obscure art-house films, cult films and nature documentaries: in every film he sees something that can be philosophized about.