Workshop Wildcameras

This workshop will be given on Friday, November 3 at 1:15 PM during the Industry Days.

Wildlife cameras in action; Tips and tricks

In this hands-on workshop, we will head into the nearby park to learn about the world of the wildlife camera. We will discuss how wildlife cameras work and the applications for which they can be used by wildlife filmers. We will also cover practical aspects such as positioning in the field. In addition, we will discuss more recent developments in the market, such as 4G wildlife cameras, live streaming capabilities and homebrew camera systems from Camtraptions, for example. The workshop is mainly aimed at sharing knowledge and experiences, and therefore suitable for everyone, from seasoned user to complete layman in the field of wildlife camera!


Lennart Suselbeek

Lennart Suselbeek is the owner of the company Wildlife Monitoring Solutions. Wildlife Monitoring Solutions was founded in 2011 out of his passion for nature, engineering, and technology. These aspects come together beautifully in a wildlife camera, which is what WMS specializes in. Lennart studied Forest & Nature Management in Wageningen, and then did his PhD on the interaction between mice, oaks, and wild boars on the Veluwe. So he spent many months on the Veluwe for his research and used wildlife cameras both before, during, and after his research. He likes to share this experience and expertise with others, which is why he is hosting this wildlife camera workshop during Industry Days.