Yes, a passe-partout costs €80. With a passe-partout you can watch all films of WFFR 2024 in Rotterdam for free.

Throughout the month of September you only pay €65 instead of €80 for a passe-partout. From 1 October 2024 you can book free (€0) tickets with your passe-partout.

A passe-partout can also be purchased for WFFR Online. With a passe-partout for WFFR Online you have access to all online films from 1 November to 5 December. You only pay €20 for this. A passe-partouts for WFFR Online can be purchased from 5 November – 5 December 2024 via this website. It is not possible to buy a passe-partout for WFFR Online before 1 November.