Call to Rotterdam based Artists

Festival Poster Competition

Attention Rotterdam creatives!

We would like to invite you to enter the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam artwork competition. This involves a design that can be used in poster form, printed on a t-shirt and for online use on social media, among other things. Perhaps even screenings on the big screen.

We’re not asking for this at random. Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, which is why we are making a big splash. We would like to release (with you?) a special artwork that expresses our essence. This will make WFFR extra special and festive this year. Will you join us?


Terms and Conditions:

  1. You can submit a rough draft until 11 June. This is a sketch/description that comes across sufficiently well for us to have a good idea and make a choice. We will choose based on style and idea. You will not be compensated for your sketch. Mail your idea to
  2. Two things that should not be missing from your idea: our famous pink flamingo and a strong Rotterdam sauce. We are a Rotterdam festival for a reason!
  3. In the week after 11 June, we will choose the idea we are most excited about from all submissions. We will let you know as soon as possible whether we have chosen your idea and you can therefore start working on it. WFFR is free to end the process in the first round.
  4. Have we chosen your idea? Then we will get to work! We have about 2 months to work it out to perfection. You will receive from us €1000,- ex VAT for your hard work. The design must be ready by 15 September at the latest.
  5. Submit design: format poster A2 portrait + A2 landscape in high quality in png transparent background and in pdf print file.
  6. The final design will become the property of Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam and may be used unlimitedly for promotional purposes in both digital and print.

We look forward to hearing from you. Any questions? Mail to (Joost van Beek)